Thursday, September 26, 2013

a little thing called life.

// sigh

So ssup with me ? i dont know.

I feel like just wanna sleep fer three years perhaps. or more.
Thought of wont write in ths blog nymore but somehow i felt like wanna share sth, but theres nothing to share.

my life turns upside down. shit happens. problems came like thunders at the midnight, // dumm dumm// you can just hide urself in the blanket and wishing that u could just sleep.

I keep tellin myself fer not giving up, just follow the flow and do it ! beat em! yet, im still me. the same me. who doesnt change at all perhaps. only became fatter or skinnier or fairer or uglier

Do you ever feel like, enough ! I'm done. done of what ? i dont know. dont have the answer. dont have the right reason.

im upset. im depressed. im heartbroken. im givin up. im sick of thse ppl. im blank. im dying. ive been cursed

tho its daytime, but im stuck in the darkness. perhaps coz of my past sins. tho its chaos but me, just me, not alone but lonely. perhaps.

i miss all my past-life. no doubt to laugh, no doubt to smile. just workin hard to archieve my gold. a great time. my precious moment.

im afraid, i will regret. i need to struggle now. to focuz and just forgive and forget. wow never thought of this karma hits me like a hurricane that took away everythin. everythin. evrythin.

Are there still any sunshine fer me? to give me happiness. even earthquackes cant shake us, even cyclones cant break us, and even when the wind is blowin, we'll never fall, just keep goin

Are there still any chance fer me to right the wrong ? to work harder than hard, to be stronger than strong so i wont fall and bcme better and better

its already a year. yet still cant figure out my feelins. a month left bfore sch ends. then i will go away like forever

never turning back. never cme back. dont try to find me.


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