Monday, December 24, 2012



Latest picture of me, 

As you all know, I hide all my post. I dont know whats the point but I just did it. I have no idea what to write now. Awh everyone was like " Schools coming !" and me just laying on the bed, like a boss. Still didnt buy my hostel's stuff. Guess it wasnt 'that' late. C'mon, just chill.

I cant judge myself. I cant judge my past. But past, is past. What can we do bout that ? And yet Im still the same girl. Who have her own world maybe. Still the same girl. Maybe I changed. Maybe Im not. Maybe Im flawless, maybe Im not. Maybe Im fearless, maybe Im not. I just dont know. Yeah, thats me. Still confused with myself. Why ? I dont know.

Indeed, hmph I dont hate myself for what I do in my past. Nahh no regrets coz I've so much fun. What I've been tru well just cant describe the sweetness in every pain tho it hurts or not, well thats my past. Im such a naughty girl and always will. Ha Ha Ha

2013 is coming. Ya Allah, time flies so fast. I mean, less a week I'll be seventeen. Wah, Im wonderstruck. Am I gonna be the same ? Am I gonna be different ? Well just wait and see. I guess, its gonna be so much fun.

Arhhhh I dont know what else to write. My grammar sucks now. Like seriously, Im dead next year. Well I hope this wasnt my last post for 2012, Hahahah chow


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