Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bahana berbicara.


Well okay, lets start with Assalamualaikum

I had a gewd day today. End up my evening with my fav senior, Asmiza. Shes going back to UMT this morning so why shouldnt  I meet her right?

We talk a lot. I meant, a lot. Oh umph yeah fer sure i dont really remember what we talked bout but yeah these sort of things like made my rindu terubat.

My point is, girls. We talk a lot. We can talk about the same shit again and again and remember every word. Its like we had recorded all the convos and I had no idea where the hell those thingy were put in our brains. Its like we had that one special space to put all the unimportant/ important moments

Especially when we talk bout boys. I dont know how, we can share the stories until we can say the word that came out from the boy's mouth we talk bout altho the shit had happened two three years ago. Cmon

Im not kidding. Girls are supernatural. Urm to cliche, girls are super-fabulous-memory-booster on earth. You will be totally shock. Try us. Ask the girls, what you wore on the first date ofcourse she will remember evrything. Altho you're the first guy scd third etc

The problem is, me also like dat huh. Its not awesome. Its irksome you know. I hate it. I hate the fact that i need to remember all thse memory that i dont really wanna keep it as a memory if you know what i meant.

But yeah, its fer my own good right? Atleast i wont do the same mistakes again. Again and again

Back to the point, hm when we talk a lot, sometimes the stories that we shred too much until we dont relized that we are asking fer sins-fer-free 

yeah spreading rumours and talking bout ppl that actually, dont give a single damn bout you but yeah, still and still talking bout them. Especially when it comes to talam dua muka ppl if you knw what I meant

Actually, we have the force or the urge from inside that can control ourselves from being like dat right. But we ignored, and thse setans will whisper like rileks la try to be human being abah kau

 "kerana mulut badan binasa"

We dont relize that sometimes, with the power of our mouth that Allah gave us so that we cud talk, we hurt others feeling. Okay let me clear ths out, fer example. With our parents right ? // including me yes a good example

I used to menjawab when my parents try to advice me or scold me with hope that "I wanna win ths convos" or "win win situation" 

"Keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibu bapa,
Manakala kemurkaan Allah terletak pada kemurkaan ibu bapa."

I realized that what i did fer all ths while, was wrong.Well not including all the lies i told em or whatsoever 

So I try to make a change. When they scold me, I try to keep silent. I try to control my mouth. And yeah give applause for me cause saya berjaya. Congrats

If not your parents, perhaps your friends or enemies or sth. Yeah the best part is when you meet up your frens and you hate the same person and talk bout that unknown person again and again selagi dunia belum kiamat.

Think, enough with all that. Grow up through life. Well rmember, what goes around baby comes around // justin timberlake version //

" If we ignored the dog by the roadside, the dog tak padang muka hang sebelah mata pun apatah lagi nak menyalak"

"Mungkin hatiku belum kuat untuk menafikan yang benar, tapi aku mencuba. Aku mencuba untuk tidak 'menjaga kain orang or skirts or palazo' sebaik mungkin. Sekarang"

"Semuanya atas iman kita sebenarnya."

Im not trying to be ustazah or whatever but yeah, kita muhasabah diri kita right? Entah lah. Maybe after this i will do the same mistakes but yeah, atleast right now, i knw that i was wrong. Im not trying to be hypocrte or munafik or what ever words that can desribed whats on your mind

yet, yeah im just sharing what I felt. Thats all fer know. 

Spm was around the corner. About 19days more. I wanna get flying colours result but I know, I wont get it if ada yang masih tersinggung or benci dengan aku.

Im sorry fer all my wrongdoings. Fer all shits I did especially when it comes to my zaman kegemilangan eceh. Sekarang semua sudah besar panjang right. Sudah matang. We can think and we knw the right and wrong. I hope that i can right the wrong 

"tapi yang berlalu biarlah ia berlalu....."


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